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Let’s all get together to do luminaries again this year! Join us at Roper Park at 9 am on Sat. Dec. 5th, where we will prepare the bags of sand with candles. We then place the 1,000 luminaries along the Boulevard and other streets. We need folks (including children) to prepare the bags, and those with trucks to help place the luminaries. Lighting the candles is at sunset (between 5 and 5:30 pm). Finally, Sunday morning is clean-up day (the sand goes into the Roper Park sandbox). For questions, contact Jane Fowler, or 377-9357.

The past few years our Duck-pond Neighborhood Association has sponsored horse and carriage rides at the Thomas Center. Unfortunately, this year we weren’t able to schedule horses and large carriages. We hope to resume these rides next year, however.

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