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The website of the Duckpond Neighborhood Association of Gainesville, Florida.

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The Duckpond Neighborhood Association (DNA) is an entirely voluntary group of neighbors working to make our neighborhood the best it can be. It is open to all residents who live in the neighborhood. We produce a quarterly newsletter that is distributed free of charge to all 800+ households in the neighborhood, help organize fundraising and improvements for neighborhood green spaces, and sponsor or co-sponsor a variety of neighborhood events throughout the year. Your financial and volunteer support are crucial to our success. Thank you!

Dues are $15 per year per household. Please complete this form, and mail it with a checkĀ  (payable to “Duckpond Neighborhood Association”) to:

Duckpond Neighborhood Association
PO Box 5794
Gainesville, FL 32627

To add your email address to our DNA updates distribution list, send a message to: boardDNA (at) googlegroups (dot) com. DNA updates are typically sent out once or twice a month. DNA will never use your email for solicitation or political purposes.