Duckpond Neighborhood

The website of the Duckpond Neighborhood Association of Gainesville, Florida.

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Contact DNA

We always welcome new board members! You, however, need not be on the board to help.  Contact us if you are willing to volunteer your ideas and/or time to keep the Duckpond a nice place to live!

DNA Board members:
President: Melanie Barr
Vice-president: Charles Covell
Secretary: Margaret Posey
Treasurer: Brian Miller
Jill Dumas
Rachel Haeseler
George Papadi
Dan Rountree
Mike Simonovich

You can contact the board by sending an email to:
boardDNA at googlegroups dot com (note: replace ‘at’ with @ and ‘dot’ with ‘.’ ). Please mention your email address or other contact information in the body of your message. Thanks!

DNA distribution list:
To post on our mailing list, send an email to duckpond at googlegroups dot com   (note: replace ‘at’ with @ and ‘dot’ with ‘.’ )
You need to be a member to post.  To become a member of the mailing list, send an email to boarddna at googlegroups dot com  (note: replace ‘at’ with @ and ‘dot’ with ‘.’ )

DNA Mailing address:
PO Box 5794
Gainesville, FL 32627